Graha Shanti

Wooden Carvings in a Monastery

Daily Navagraha including  Saturn/Rahu/Ketu Shanti

The best way o pacify all the 9 forces

This updated program now includes yagya for all 9 planets every day plus the extra repetition for Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.There is no doubt that Saturn, Rahu/Ketu can be the most difficult planets to balance. Frequently we experience that they bring obstacles, frustration, and disappointment. Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to move through a sign and Rahu/Ketu 1 1/2. As such slow-moving planets, they leave us feeling stuck and blocked. On a positive note, these planets can be highly beneficial and can bring us benefits that exceed those of the easier planets like Jupiter and Venus. But it takes time and patience to do so. These yagyas can take the sting out of their influence and maximize the beneficial effects. For a greater result, a minimum of 3 months of Yagya participation is recommended. Investment: 100 euro.

Grand All In One

Fast Track Your Healing Journey

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The Grand program has been one of our best Yagya innovations. Since everything in the Vedic tradition relies on repetition for its effectiveness, the goal of this program is to maximize the number of yagyas in a month.As a Grand Sponsor, your name is included in the (statement of purpose) for each of the following Fire Ceremony series. This program gives you 6 yagya per day.


  1. Ati Rudra Shiva Yagya performed in the famous temple in Chidambaram

  2. Daily Yagyas

  3. Special Yagya's of the month

  4. 3 Day Foundation Yagyas

  5. Daily Mrytunjaya Health Yagyas

  6. Daily Lakshmi Abundance Yagyas

  7. Daily Family Harmony Yagyas

  8. Daily Navagraha Yagyas

  9. Daily Overcoming Obstacles Yagyas

  10. Daily Spiritual Yagyas  

      Investment: 150 euro