How Jyotish Remedy works

We enjoy a degree of free will and can act as we see fit within the circumstances that life presents. In Vedic terms, these circumstances are called karma and that karma is represented in the birth chart. Jyotish is simply the study of karma.

This does not mean that a jyotishi feels the planets control us or the events in our lives. Rather, the planets act as markers that can be decoded in order to understand the nature and timing of the karmas we are. At its most fundamental, Jyotish, (Vedic Astrology) is based on astronomy. Your birth chart is simply a representation of the position of the planets at the time of your birth. The Lagna or ascendant is the constellation that was on the eastern horizon at the moment you entered the world and in Jyotish, everything is calculated from there.


Jyotish and Karma

The Vedic tradition takes for granted that we are evolving through a series of lifetimes as our soul progresses towards its ultimate spiritual perfection. The time we spend on earth is somewhat like attending school. The experiences we have and the obstacles that we overcome are the lessons we need in order to progress.

The Vedic tradition's theory of karma is very detailed. They divide karma into three major categories.


Sanchita karma is the sum total of all our karmas.


Parabdha karma is those karmas that we have chosen to experience in this lifetime,


and Kriyamani karmas are those karmas that we can change through the exercise of our free will.


Alleviating Difficult Karmas

With this in mind, a Jyotish chart is a representation of the parabdha karmas that we are destined to experience in this lifetime. But do not underestimate the power of free will.  The Vedic perspective holds that for each of us, the chart is a dynamic and fluid thing.


The Vedas also say that we can counterbalance or alleviate upcoming karmas through our personal spiritual practices such as meditation, pujas, or mantra Japa.


More powerful are the traditional rituals are known as yagyas; large-scale complex rituals performed by experts (pundits in Sanskrit) who have spent years mastering the effective use of mantras and various rituals from the Vedas. Yagyas have the added benefit of enhancing and empowering the effectiveness of our personal practice.


Repetition IS THE KEY

Just like the process of getting into good physical shape, the effectiveness of a yagya is based on repetition. If you want to be healthy, you’ll have to exercise more than once. If your goal is to alleviate difficult karmas, then repeated yagyas will help you to grow and progress beyond your previous karma and limited awareness.

This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money or that manifesting the desired change will have to wait months or years. Rather, it is a process of establishing a spiritual momentum where growth continues at a rapid pace and we enjoy a growing sense of spiritual protection.

Yagyas support what we do and where we direct our energies.

While we can never fully eliminate problems from our life experience, through the use of yagyas, we develop a healthy and resilient awareness in which a solution arises spontaneously when faced with a problem. Simply stated, life becomes easier, smoother, and we find ourselves no longer overshadowed and depressed by problems. They are what they are and they have lost their usual impact. We enjoy developing freedom and satisfaction in all areas of life.

The Yagya Program:

The yagya program has continued to grow and evolve over the years to include two facilities in India (Kanchipuram and Varanasi) and a staff of over 100 highly qualified priests and Your name is read as a part of the extensive sankalpam (statement of purpose) at the beginning of the yagya. Photos are taken throughout the Yagya performance and they are forwarded to you.

Our conclusion is that group yagyas performed over and over are far more powerful than a private yagya repeated once or twice.

A Yagya is more complex, requiring many more ingredients (some require well over 100) and most importantly including the sacred fire, called a havan or homam with the offering of ghee (clarified butter).


In fact, in addition to solving problems and removing obstacles, the yagya program with its repetition of yagyas over time becomes a unique form of sadhana, a spiritual practice that empowers and strengthens whatever spiritual program of meditation or mantra Japa that you are performing.

The power of the yagyas comes from the mantras and the physical ritual itself. Learning to perform a Yagya properly takes roughly 15 years of training. It is not an insignificant accomplishment to become a Brahmin pundit!

Enlightenment is the real goal for all of us, and as a teacher of mine once said;

“Yagyas are profoundly evolutionary and will eventually lead you to that Yoga whose fires will consume all the three karma like an enraged hungry lion"

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