Why Vedic Astrology

If this is your first time in Vedic astrology, you might be wondering what is this and why is this different than other astrology. Vedic astrology is the study of time, and it is extremely important to have the accurate timing of our birth while making your Vedic chart, compare to the western chart. In Vedic astrology, the secret lies in the seconds and the minutes. During the moment we were born, the Vedic chart shows the blueprint of our destiny. I know... you are thinking I am in control of my destiny, but, are you really? How many times you have planned something, worked hard but somehow something did not work out? Yeah, thought so. It happens to all of us. With your chart reading, you can get fairly accurate timing of major events in your life. You will know when to sow the seed and when to reap the fruit. Everything has a time, as they say. If you are looking to get some clarity or looking to make some major moves in your life, I suggest you consult your Vedic chart.

Are you confused about which career move to make next?

Need to make some decisions about relationship?

Dealing with mental health challenge?